Be part of RoStwärts – as International Scout Group

Dabei sein – als internationale Gruppe

Registration for International Groups

Registration for the camp for international scout groups is closed. We are looking forward to welcome scout groups from Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Kenia, Israel and Scotland!

In this section you will find all important information about the camp. You are missing information? Then feel free to contact our International Team:

The camp will take place from 31.07.2023 – 09.08.2023 on the campsite Jugendsiedlung Hochland e.V. in Königsdorf. This is a small village south of Munich in Bavaria. The camp is hosted by the DPSG Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart which lies in the eastern part of the state Baden-Württemberg. This is also the area where the scout groups and participants are from. We estimate with around 1500 participants and 5-10 international scout groups.
The camp costs 195€ per participant. In this fee are the campsite fee, all costs for the program, food and water included. However, there will also be the possibility to buy sweets, merchandise or further drinks at the kiosk, the camp pub, or the section centers. We are aware that the spending capacity can vary greatly in different countries therefore it is understandable that groups from some countries are not able to pay the full price. If this case applies to your group, please contact us at and we will find a solution. It is important to us that international groups are able to come but also contribute their part according to their possibilities to make the camp possible.

The camp slogan is We settle – RoStbound. RoStbound is a play of words and originates from the name of our Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart to illustrate the origin of the participants. The design of the slogan resembles the typical black tents of German scouts and reminds of various small settlements that are formed on the campsite by each subcamp of the tribes and districts. Each settlement contributes their own skills and abilities to the camp to experience a great camp. The main topics dealt with during preparations and during the camp is sustainability and the climate. The section centers and main program are created around those ideas and will show the variety and complexity of both topics.

For each international group we are looking for a German partner group to give them accommodation on the camp. Both groups belong to a district that will form a subcamp on the campsite. All participants will be accommodated in tents that are brought by the groups themselves. We assume that international groups will also bring their own tents. However, if this is not possible, please contact Furthermore, all participants are sleeping in sleeping bags on sleeping pads which are also brought by the participants themselves.

This is the preliminary schedule and might be subject to alterations.
Program will take place on the campsite unless it is stated otherwise. The participants are not allowed to leave the campsite. However, if it is necessary or part of the program, they need to check out in the camp office.


All groups will arrive on the campsite and start building up their tents. Most groups will arrive by bus, but it is also possible to reach the campsite by public transportation. The bus stop on the campsite is called Rothmühle, Königsdorf. You will then build up your camp with your partner group and get to know each other. In the evening there will be an opening event on the main stage with all participants.

Program days

The first day of main program will be attended by all participants and their leaders. The program mostly deals with our main topic and our camp slogan We settle RoStbound. Therefore, there will be activities and workshops dealing with sustainability and our climate. It hopefully will also include a forestation in the area and other activities to support our nature. Furthermore, there is also a collective game with all participants planned, but it is unsure yet, which activities will take place on which days of the program days.

Section program

The DPSG scouts in Germany are split up in four age groups which have traditionally their own program days during the camp. During this time all participants are split up into their age group and each take part in the section program of their section. The leaders will also participate with their groups and receive further instructions on these days. Each section prepared program according to our camp slogan and topic of sustainability, but also came up with their own motto. Therefore, the Wölflinge (6-9) will incorporate the idea of Viking settlements, the Jungpfadfinder (10-13) will build an Atlantis city, the Pfadfinder (14-15) will “travel” to Greenland and the Rover (16-21) have decided on the motto Red Mustang and host a saloon. The activities during section day program vary for each age group but might include workshops, games, or even overnight hikes for the elder ones. On two nights of the three days, there will also be events in the evenings. 


On tribe and district days the program is not organized by the camp staff but will take place in the subcamps of the tribes and districts with their participants. These days are a great opportunity to get to know your partner tribe and district and do activities together.

Camp service

On Tuesday morning there will be a camp service. Because our scout organization belongs to the Catholic Church in Germany the service will be influenced by the catholic order of service. But everyone is welcome to participate and attend the service, because we want to create an openminded service that is made for all participants.


On Tuesday afternoon, there will be no program and time to already take down the first tents and get ready for departure the next day. On Wednesday, the remaining tents will be taken down and the groups depart from the campsite.

The camp will have its own pub which offers various drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food. They can be bought additionally to the three meals that are provided by the camp kitchens each day. Furthermore sweets, things of daily need (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo, …) and merchandise can be bought in the camp kiosk.

Additionally, each section will have their own section center that follows a certain theme and functions as place to go for the participants in their free time or are used during section days.

The international tent is available on the campsite and welcomes international groups, but also Germans that are interested in scouting worldwide. For international groups it will function mainly as center for information and contact. There are also several activities planned in the international tent like meet’n’greets or exchange platforms for badges and neckerchiefs. Furthermore, there will be room for international groups to introduce their country and tribe for which you can also bring pictures or other typical and representing objects.

Each subcamp/district will have their own camp kitchen that will prepare meals for the entire district. International groups are accommodated in their partner groups which belong to a district and are therefore cooked for. You do not need to worry about cooking. The meals are the same for the entire camp and is only prepared in the camp kitchens of the districts. If you need special food that is vegetarian, kosher, halal, … or have other concerns about food or spices, please let us know beforehand and the kitchen will provide appropriate alternatives.

The German Youth Protection Legislation applies during the camp. Participants are allowed to consume beer at the age of 16 and all other alcohol at the age of 18. During the scout camp there will be alcohol available in the camp bar and the Rover section center and German scouts are allowed to drink it according to their age. The age will be visible for the bartender to avoid confusion. If you have different rules regarding alcohol, please let us know and we can find a solution since we want to respect your rules as well.

Illegal drugs are not allowed! Smoking is only allowed to participants older than 18 years and only in designated areas.


The international team is responsible for everything regarding international groups. Therefore, if any questions arise before the camp, please contact us via email

During the camp international groups are partnered with a German partner tribe which can also act as source of information during the camp. For easier communication, there will be one contact person of the German tribe, the international group and one from the international team which will be in contact daily to prevent any problems to arise.

If you have not yet received a German partner tribe, we are searching for one and will give you contact details as soon as possible for you to get to know each other beforehand and discuss organizational details.